German Girl In America

I decided recently that I wanted to learn German. I had a very limited knowledge of the language but have always wanted to learn it properly. I’m not entirely sure why, it may never be of any use to me but it’s a language I’ve always found fascinating.

So, why did I decide to start learning now? Well, I was trawling through YouTube looking for something to watch and I came across a channel called German Girl In America. I have to confess, at first I thought “here we go, this will probably be a load of rubbish” but I could not have been more wrong! I have been really enjoying the content created by Felicia (Feli).

On Feli’s channel, you will find a lot of details about the German culture, the language and the differences between life in America and Germany. To me, it’s very interesting and has really inspired me and helped me to get into the correct mindset for learning the language.

You will also get to hear Feli’s story: How she learned English, why she moved to America and what life has been like her as a “German Girl In America”.

If you would like to check out German Girl In America, you can do so here:

Recently, Feli has teamed up with her friend Josh (who is fluent in German) to create a podcast called Understanding Train Station (from the German idiom “Ich verstehe nur Bahnhof” which means “I only understand train station”). I would strongly recommend this podcast too. I have only just found out about it so am catching up and I have to say, so far I’m loving it!

You can find Understanding Train Station at

I don’t imagine either of you will ever read this but if you do, thanks Josh and Feli for the awesome content, you’re both very inspirational.